Suddenly time is spreading

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from the series SUDDENLY TIME IS SPREADING, Indian ink on digital print, 420 x 297 mm (with original margins),
using photographs of the weaving mill in Landeshut (today’s Kamienna Góra) by Franz Stoedtner (1870-1946)

A picture does not show the past.
Writing into the picture. An intervention breaking the muteness of a gathering of people and machines, also breaking the illusion of real factory space with writing running over, through and along the formations of its image. And yet the text is no foreign body. Written as “automatic writing” it emerges from the image. Thus perception and interpretation is transformed into language forms – a more conscious level but one that is not mutilated by strict logic and grammar. My glance enters the picture and between this day and the only long moment that the photographs knew so far, suddenly time is spreading.